Montessori Organizations: addendum

In my last post I wrote “in my search for organizations that are working to make significant advancements for the Montessori movement through political and social activism” implying that AMI-USA, NAMTA, and AMS are not making significant advancements for the Montessori movement through political and social activism. I want to apologize for this implication.  I am… Read More Montessori Organizations: addendum

Montessori Organizations: My Thoughts

I began examining the public records regarding finances (IRS form 990) for NAMTA, AMI-USA, and AMS, in this series of articles with the intention of better understanding the role each plays in the Montessori community.  Through the analysis presented in previous articles in this series I have come to several understandings… AMI-USA, NAMTA,  and AMS… Read More Montessori Organizations: My Thoughts

Montessori Organizations: Employees

This article is part of an ongoing series examining Montessori Organizations.  The information contained in this article was found by examining public records, specifically IRS form 990, filed by these organizations (found here).  Numbers presented are the average of the years 2005 & 2006.  I also include Sierra Club information as an external comparison to a… Read More Montessori Organizations: Employees