Science and Art

I spent my undergraduate years studying visual arts and socializing with students of science.  Understandably I spent many a late night discussing the differences (and similarities) between science and art. In an effort to gain more clarity about what I am doing and my intentions regarding this profession and my work with children, I wrote a personal guiding… Read More Science and Art

Primal Leadership

I recently read Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee and found it has profound applications in the preparation of the adult for our work with children. Consider these passages ( where the word “leader” appears in the original text I have substituted guide, other substitutions… Read More Primal Leadership

An Analogy

Guiding is to Psychology as Improvisation is to Acting   Guiding (or teaching) requires one to assess how the mental state and needs of an individual interact with the present circumstances and determine an appropriate course of action in the moment.  Then repeat the process moments later after observing how the individual responds to the… Read More An Analogy

Qwerty moveable alphabet?

The letters in commercially available large moveable alphabets  are generally organized by letter size. Small moveable alphabets however, are often arranged alphabetically.  An alphabetical arrangement provides an indirect preparation for the skill of alphabetizing. What if the letters were arranged as on a keyboard?  Keyboard arrangements vary from country to country and between languages.  The most common… Read More Qwerty moveable alphabet?