A Montessori MBA

” Starbucks recently announced that it will offer hourly employees discounted tuition in their first two years of study, and pay the entire tuition for junior and senior years if a worker goes on to complete a four-year degree.” Forbes

I started thinking about online education and I remembered my own graduate school experience at
Loyola University in the Montessori Masters program.   Although these were general requirement courses for any Masters of Education, I remember the comraderie of our shared Montessori background and focus on Montessori applications.

Loyola offers a great program for Masters of Education, but what about an MBA? 

Why would we even want a Montessori MBA program?  Because opening a school is scary.  

I sometimes day dream about the kind of school I would want to open (an all day,  all year multilingual environment with great architecture adjacent to a senior living facility for intergenerational interactions) and then I think about the skills required to open a new school,  or even run an existing school (human resources,  hiring,  firing,  marketing,  budgeting,  admissions,  taxes, and more) and I don’t have any idea where to start.  I am paralyzed and carefully pack away my dreams.

But it doesn’t have to be so scary.   Imagine a cohort of Montessorians taking business classes in which the examples and case studies are all from Montessori and early childhood.   Lessons such as designing a business plan,  or a marketing plan,  or determining where to locate a business,  would all be taught through a Montessori lens.  

The Montessori community could benefit greatly from an online MBA that can be completed from anywhere but is focused specifically on the needs of the Montessori community.  Current administrators could upskill and experienced guides could develop the confidence to spread the Montessori movement to new communities.

Starbucks made its deal with Arizona State University,  which also happens to have the #2 online MBA program  according to U.S. News and World Report.   Maybe they would be interested in a niche market like Montessori,  and it seems to me that NAMTA and MAA might have some interesting input for the program,  maybe they could even provide adjunct faculty.


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