Observations about and with Goggle Glass

I have long been interested in how we learn (to be fair, it is that interest that led me to Montessori ) and I find that a strong model can be a great learning tool.  A model is not the same as a mentor.  A  mentor may observe me working and share insights with me, discuss strengths and areas for improvement, suggest ideas.   A mentor supports my own reflective process.   A model on the other hand is someone I observe because they are more experienced or have natural talent.  A model shows me how they accomplish a task and moves my reflective process in new directions.

Recently I have been thinking about how Google Glass could provide models of the most essential and challenging of Montessori skills, Observation.  What if an exemplary, experienced Guide wore Google Glasses throughout a morning or day and video recorded the experience.  We could then literally observe the day through their eyes (or at least a few centimeters above and to the right of their eyes).  While we would not be privy to their thoughts, we would get an idea of what events draw their attention,  how focused their attention is on the presentation they are giving,  when they look to other adults for support, etc… 



Currently Google Glass cost $1500 USD each and can only record continuously for about 30 minutes.  However, if these ever get cheaper and enough memory gets packed in to record a few hours, I will be asking for Guide volunteers to consider wearing a pair for a day.


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