Building the Pink Tower

We are all asked, at some point or another, what we do for a living.  Its a fairly innocuous question, generally asked at a cocktail party, or by the person you’re seated next to on an airplane.

In the moment between being asked, and giving my answer (” I work with children in a Montessori environment”), I entertain the modest hope that this time I won’t have to define Montessori and try to encapsulate the essence of the Montessori method in 500 words or less.

I quietly hope for the day when the general public has a rudimentary knowledge of Montessori and the conversation shifts from definitions to discussing the merits and specifics.

Building the Pink Tower is an exciting project to create “a documentary film that will break down myths about Montessori education and promote dialogue about how to honor the developmental needs of children while preparing them for the future. ”

Please, learn more about this project and share the details with others.


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