4,962,571 is launched! You can order it now.
It is my great pleasure to announce the release of 4,962,571, the first of a series of Montessori-inspired children’s picture books.

This series is a collaboration with the fantastic team at June Books. Building on the momentum generated by my book Montessori Madness!, the new June Books series takes this momentum a giant step further by bringing the Montessori message to potentially millions more mainstream parents.

The goal of the dedicated team at June Books is to delight and inspire children while introducing families to Montessori education. We create books that honor children and the important work they naturally undertake in the demanding task of self-development. We are awed by children’s voracious appetite for knowledge and experience. We are energized by their enthusiasm. We are humbled by their independence. We feel strongly that Montessori education is the best schooling environment for children to develop self-discipline, leadership, responsibility, empathy, curiosity, imagination, independence, community-building skills, a broad academic foundation, and a life-long love of learning. It is our hope that parents, intrigued by their remarkable children and inspired by the June Books stories, will make a point to visit their local Montessori school to observe a classroom.

4,962,571 is for children and parents! Graced with the beautiful artwork of illustrator Ruth Chung, 4,962,571 is the story of a boy suddenly captivated by the idea of counting to a very large number. He sets a goal for himself, and through self-discipline, creativity, insight, and hard work, he…well, you will have to see whether he reaches it or not.

Just as hundreds of Montessori schools have done with Montessori Madness!4,962,571 will be an effective fundraising and outreach tool for schools. School/bulk pricing is available for those schools wishing to take advantage of this option. This series will be a welcoming, effective, educational, and fun way for schools to increase awareness about Montessori in their communities through stories that mainstream parents can read with their young children.

To purchase 4,962,571 visit JuneBooks.com or Amazon.

For school/bulk pricing, contact us at hello@junebooks.com.


Trevor Eissler

Author, 4,962,571



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