2010 Public School Forum

Literacy and Communication: The Language of Montessori
2010 AMI/USA Public School Forum

The Montessori Public School Forum is designed for AMI public school programs and those aspiring to AMI standards. This year’s forum will focus on the language that is offered by an AMI Montessori program and how this literacy supports the child in his or her achievements from the early years through high school. Participants will be immersed into the redesign of public education offered by Montessori.

Teachers, administrators, and superintendents will all gain a greater understanding of how language is implemented from the beginning and how it culminates in high school. The venue is Milwaukee, the first district to introduce AMI Montessori, over twenty years ago.

AMI/USA invites you to register now on our website:


The conference will be featuring many speakers including  2 of my personal favorites,  Dr Steve Hughes and Molly O’Shaughnessy, so I know it will be worthwhile.


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