I received an e-mail announcing the release of an iphone/ipad app for Intro to Math. Curious yet?  I was, and I followed the link to the home page for…

About Montessorium

With Montessorium, the tested philosophy of Montessori meets the challenges of the contemporary world in developmentally appropriate learning activities and timeless interactions, which reinforce the very ways in which we learn.

A new type of classroom, a continuum of proven and tested Montessori principles and materials, in the hands of children. Whose hands do you want your future in?

Tap into Montessorium.

The e-mail itself said

*Montessorium is not intended as a replacement for the Montessori classroom.

I know that technology is often a touchy subject in the Montessori community, but I for one do not believe we should throw the baby out with the bath water.  Dr. Montessori developed her methods through research and I do not believe she intended these methods to remain static.  We should be experimenting with technology, including as supplements to our existing materials.

Also, I assume that from time to time parents may use video games or dvds as time-fillers and baby-sitters for children.  If we know parents offer technology to their children , and admit that the behavior is unlikely to end simply because we admonish parents to engage their children in quality time, I think there is value to a Montessori option at these moments.

If I owned an iPhone or iPad I would download it today.


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