The Montessomething School

I really enjoy satire.

I think that when we disagree with others it is easy to engage in direct confrontations, but these confrontations have a way of escalating into name calling and genuine hostility.  Satire is a more elegant and indirect argument in opposition to a position through sly wit and clever innuendo.

Perhaps the best known contemporary satirists are John Stewart, host of  The Daily Show, who exposes the shortcomings of mainstream media, and Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report who assumes the guise of a Bill O’Rielly-esque character to ridicule extreme right wing propaganda.

Satirists employ a variety of approaches and one of the most effective is flaunting the raw, unvarnished reality of their opponent’s position.  Everyone naturally highlights strengths and downplays weaknesses in their own point of view, but the satirist crosses enemy lines and pretends to argue their opponent’s view as a way to emphasize the very weaknesses that have been carefully concealed.

If you also enjoy satire, check out The Montessomething School website satirizing schools that take the name Montessori but disregard the actual methodology.  I particularly enjoy the photographs on the site and the Help tab which contains a link adding comments on each page explaining what is funny and why.


5 thoughts on “The Montessomething School

  1. The author mentioned taking the website down temporarily, so if the link is not currently working, check it again soon. It is an amusing site and I hope it will return soon.

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