Montessori Around the World

The original Casa dei Bambini was in the San Lorenzo Quarter of Rome, a socially and economically depressed area in the city, and in an era when access to Montessori education is increasingly restricted to the wealthy, it is refreshing to find a website such as Montessori Around the World.  This website shares information about Montessori programs serving children around the world in situations similar to those of San Lorenzo, meaning those children most in need of the life changing effects of Montessori education.

Please take a moment to check out the schools listed and consider if there is anyway you would like to support these programs.  If you work with children in a Montessori environment please consider talking to your class about fundraising and perhaps correspondence with a school.

I wonder if there would be enough interest in the Montessori community to organize trips to visit these schools for a few days or a week?  Tourism combined with meaningful work, sharing of materials and expertise.


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