Montessori School of Dentistry

The Onion publishes satirical and absurd news stories that almost always leave me holding my side with laughter.

On November 20, 2009, the Onion published an article entitled Montessori School of Dentistry, here is the lead paragraph

Inside the Montessori School of Dentistry, you won’t find any old-fashioned cotton swabs, or so-called periodontal charts, or even any amalgam fillings. That’s because at this alternative-learning institution, students are being encouraged to break away from medical tradition and discover their very own root canal procedures.

A search of the Onion archives revealed another article about Montessori entitled Something Weird Going On In That Montessori School, Neighbor Reports, published November 1, 2000.  Here is the lead paragraph

According to retired steelworker Martin Kramarczyk, 67, something weird is definitely going on inside that Montessori school across the street from his house.

I hope that you enjoy these articles as much as I have.


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