Montessori Foundation Videos

The Montessori Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of Montessori education in the United States and abroad.

The Montessori Foundation has demonstrated its internet and media savvy by first claiming the highly coveted internet address, and more recently creating 2 videos designed to inform the public about Montessori education.

Youtube includes the following information with the shorter video

This short piece is intended to only give the view a very brief introduction to Montessori. It was produced by the Montessori Foundation and VisionMedia to be broadcast on a wide range of networks in 2009. There is a companion video produced by VisionMedia for their Public Broadcasting Service series the National Education Report, hosted by Hugh Downs. That video may only be broadcast on PBS, so we have a somewhat different version on YouTube under Montessori Foundation President, Tim Seldin’s, account. Montessori schools who would like to use the 1 minute piece on their can download a copy for local use on their community pubic television station or public access cable TV. To request the download link, any recognized Montessori may contact

Emphasis is mine.

Enjoy these videos.


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