Harvard Business Review Article

Check out this brief article from Harvard Business Review describing research into how Innovators think.

The final paragraph has a quick mention about Montessori.

We also believe that the most innovative entrepreneurs were very lucky to have been raised in an atmosphere where inquisitiveness was encouraged. We were stuck by the stories they told about being sustained by people who cared about experimentation and exploration. Sometimes these people were relatives, but sometimes they were neighbors, teachers or other influential adults. A number of the innovative entrepreneurs also went to Montessori schools, where they learned to follow their curiosity. To paraphrase the famous Apple ad campaign, innovators not only learned early on to think different, they act different (and even talk different).


One thought on “Harvard Business Review Article

  1. Thanks Ed for this blog! It is research like this that will eventually raise the Montessori profile from a “’boutique’ approach for pre-schoolers” to something more fundamental to human life.

    I like your associations, and the “why not” questions you raise. Your observational skills are probably honed to follow the minutest of details in a little person’s behaviour and I bet you experiment with all sorts of things from new technology to the things kept under the kitchen sink. Keep up your blogs as it is a very appropriate way to network “with smart people who have little in common, but…” from whom we can all learn.

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