Marketing Montessori

These words are not mine, though I wish they were as they clearly communicate my own thoughts on this matter…

The words marketing and public relations are rarely mentioned around the school yard of the typical Montessori school until the need is critical. And, too often, resources and budgets for such endeavors are inadequate. If this sounds like your school, you are not alone.

Apart from a handful of large schools that employ a marketing staff, most Montessori programs consist only of teachers, assistants and few administrators. These individuals’’ unwavering dedication to children, parents and the classroom is unparalleled, but all too frequently their focus on education causes proper marketing and public relations programs to be overlooked.

Unfortunately, when marketing is set aside, it results in classrooms that fall short of ideal enrollment numbers. Those unfilled classroom spaces, no matter how few, represent the continuing financial vitality of your school. Full enrollment can equate to teacher bonuses, updated materials, new playground equipment, qualifying for community sponsorships and more.

Clearly the question is not if to market your school, but how to market and to whom.

These comments are from an article/ad by  Morgan Childers, founder and President of Go Montessori.

Go Montessori is described thus…

Go Montessori is a successful team of marketing professionals,Montessori educatorsparents, and administrators. Our vision is to help Montessori schools increase their enrollment through marketingadvertisingand public relations.

Go Montessori is relatively unique in offering specialized marketing tools and strategies to for the Montessori community.  

A less specialized approach to increasing a school’s marketing presence is Spot Runner, an advertising service described thus…

Spot Runner is a technology company that is developing the next generation of advertising services. Spot Runner’s mission is to make advertisers successful by revolutionizing the entire advertising process – including the way it is created, targeted, planned, bought and sold. Spot Runner is unique in that it employs proprietary technology and analytics to inform every media plan, target advertisers’ best prospects and optimize each campaign across television, the Web, radio or out-of-home. 

Whether you are a school owner, school administrator, or school employee,  if you are interested in growing your school please take a moment to consider these services and the opportunities they can create for your school.


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