BS: Social Networking

Social Networking online is becoming very popular, especially Facebook.  

Here are just a few reasons to create a social network for the families in your environment or school

An online home for your community that is easier to modify and maintain than a website and or a blog.  It can include features like a calendar with festivals, children’s birthdays, and parent education nights.

Help families connect outside of school to meet new friends, share interests, and exchange suggestions for family outings.

Social networks provide a means to share articles and resources about Montessori education.

Social networks also provide a means to share photographs and possible video of children working in the environment, celebrating birthdays or going out expeditions.

If you choose to establish a social network you have some choices, here are a few.

Facebook is perhaps the best known and many families may already use this service.  If you choose Facebook you can set up an account for yourself and then create a group for families to join.  Be careful when selecting the privacy settings on your personal account and group accounts as this is the only thing stopping random strangers from accessing your information.

Ning offers a unique and infinitely customizable social network that is easier to keep private and secure.  The ability to customize the site to suit your specific needs is also an attractive quality.

LinkedIN is a professional networking site and while not intended for family group networking, it is a valuable tool for Montessori professionals.

The benefits of establishing a social networking site can be tremendous and the cost is merely time.  I hope that every Montessori educator reading this takes time to consider the benefits.


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