Is Micheal Merzenich speaking Montessori with a Neuroscience accent?

In his TED Talk, Neuroscientist Micheal Merzenich doesn’t ever say “Absorbent Mind”, but he describes the phenomenon well.   This is an excellent example of an opportunity for more meaningful dialogue between the Montessori Community and the Scientific Community.  Merzenich actually uses the term “normalize” in a sense very similar to the Montessori definition, though I would be surprised if he was familiar with the Montessori method at all.

How do we demonstrate to the world that Montessori is truly a revolutionary approach to education?  That all the current reforms to traditional education are like making a better abacus while Montessori education is a supercomputer?  I think that contemporary neuroscience presents the tools for demonstrating tangible, significant differences resulting from the Montessori method.  

I would love to see a neuron mapping comparison between Montessori children and non-Montessori children.  What would be the consistent differences?


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