BS: Raise Funds with Retired Materials

Most schools have a closet somewhere with retired materials collecting dust.  How about using those worn out and/or missing a few pieces materials  to raise funds?

Parents, family members, and staff all enjoy keepsakes.  Retired materials can be given a second life through creative marketing and refurbishing.  Check out these few ideas…

retired material keepsakes 1retired material keepsakes 2


The possibilities are endless, just seek out creative, crafty volunteers and let them loose.

Keepsakes can be sold for a set price or auctioned at a fundraiser or online.   Prices or starting bids can be established to subsidize or completely offset the cost of replacement materials.

An electric custom wood branding tool with the school logo could be cost effective way to create a keepsake memorabilia.

Just prior to the holiday season would be a perfect time to hold an auction or sale.  If you are concerned about display space or oragnizing an event you can set up an online salesroom using or other free web hosting service.


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