BS: Maria Montessori Day

What if all the Montessori schools in the world celebrated Dr. Maria Montessori on the same day each year?

On one level it provides a clear day for schools to coordinate celebrations, events and press releases to maximize community and media impact.

On another level it can be used as a coordinated fund-raising day for the Montessori Movement.  Local schools could keep a percentage of the funds raised and send the rest to AMI or a national Montessori society.

This wouldn’t even need to be a full court press fund raiser, if enough schools worldwide donate anything, it could be a huge gain for the movement. 

Here is an example for primary environments: Schools encourage families to send all the loose change in the house to school with their children.  The coins are collected in a large container and counted throughout the day by the children.  This could be done like the 100 chain or 1000 chain, using the arrows and everything.   In the US, pennies and dimes are great for the 100 or 1000 chain, while quarters might be counted with the 4 Skip counting chain. 

Even if each Primary environment only raises $30 (average $1 per child), that would be multiplied by hundreds or thousands of participating environments worldwide.

Suggested Calendar Days might include…

  • August 31 (birth of Maria Montessori)
  • May 6 (death of Maria Montessori)
  • Jan 6 (opening of the first Casa)

Although it is worth considering that January would be right after the Holiday season and family finances are often tight.


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