BS: World Montessori Documentary

The Montessori method is worldwide and it is predicated on common developmental needs of all human beings.

It would be interested in to create a video documentary of children all around the world learning through the Montessori Method, engaged with Montessori materials.

Add a nice soundtrack  and keep it a reasonable length and this can be a very interesting video to create buzz and interest in Montessori and to show parents (current and prospective).

Video taping is easy and cheap these days.  Most digital cameras and many cell phones can record decent video footage.  Video can be sent electronically from anywhere in the world.

All that is really needed is  a way to spread the word throughout the Montessori community to get people videotaping, and someone willing to recieve and edit the raw footage.


One thought on “BS: World Montessori Documentary

  1. Matt Hillis, of Bergamo Montessori School (Santa Barbara, I think), is currently working with AMI and MAA on a video project similar to this. I don’t think he’s doing international stuff yet, but he’s been traveling the country touring schools and getting 30 second-1 minute panoramas of classrooms at work…also interviewing teachers, students, parents, etc.

    He’s in the process of developing a new website on Montessori and will be posting videos and other links and resources online..

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