New Zealand

It has been 6 weeks since I last posted, and in case you were curious about this long silence, I have been very busy job hunting.

15 months ago, Emily (my wife) and I decided to move to New Zealand in 2009.  I have been investigating and filing paperwork and researching for several months, but the pace intensified a few weeks ago when I began arranging to visit Auckland and interview with schools.

I am happy to say that I have accepted a position in Auckland and will be moving to New Zealand to teach within the next few weeks (depending on New Zealand immigration).  I am looking forward to exploring Montessori in New Zealand and sharing my experiences with you, starting now.

While discussing Montessori with a veteran teacher and administrator from Dunedin, she referred to the AMI/AMS tension in the United States and explained that this type of tension or conflict between teachers of different trainings is not common in New Zealand.  New Zealand does not currently have training centers (although AMI is opening one in Auckland) and is therefore a melting pot of various trainings from all over the world.  An individual school may contain teachers from several different trainings. 

I am intrigued that working in close proximity may increase understanding and decrease tensions.


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