Male Teachers

It is rare to see men teaching preschool.

My own experiences have been positive;  I have almost universally been welcomed by administrators and fellow teachers when starting a new teaching position, and although,  some parents are wary when first meeting the new male teacher,  they soon warm to the idea of another male role model in their young child’s life.

I like to believe that this is the case for all men in Early Childhood Education, but the truth is that it can be difficult to compare notes with other male teachers when we are so few and far between in the preschool profession.  The internet, it seems, has the answer.

The website MenTeach is devoted to discussing the role of men in education and may be a useful resource for

  • male teachers
  • colleagues of male teachers
  • administrators and parent boards interested in attracting male teachers 

If you have a moment, check out MenTeach.


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