Montessori Organizations: addendum

In my last post I wrote

“in my search for organizations that are working to make significant advancements for the Montessori movement through political and social activism”

implying that AMI-USA, NAMTA, and AMS are not making significant advancements for the Montessori movement through political and social activism.

I want to apologize for this implication.  I am not remotely qualified to judge what exactly these organizations are accomplishing.  In fact, for all I know, the presidents of these organizations might play pick up basketball on alternate Wednesdays with Obama and his nominee for Secretary of Education.

However, I am qualified to say that as a dues paying member of AMI-USA and NAMTA, I am unaware of any significant advancements being made in the United States.  I am also unaware of any efforts to engage members in political or social activism.

Examples of political and social activism organized and encouraged by national organizations include…

  • Endorsing political candidates at National, State, and local levels of government.  (How much easier would it be to grow Montessori public education if we could fill school boards with Montessori supporters?)
  • Monitoring National, State, and local legislatures for bills that will influence Montessori education.
  • Organizing the Montessori community to contact elected officials and express support or concern with specific bills and executive decisions.
  • Organizing public rallies in support of Montessori education.
  • Developing mass media marketing campaigns for National, State, and local levels to increase awareness of Montessori education in the general public.  These campaigns might include…
    • Magazine ads
    • Newspaper ads
    • Radio ads
    • Television ads
    • Billboard ads
    • Clothing items
    • Bumper stickers
  • Developing a strong internet presence through websites, blogs, and social networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

AMI-USA does an excellent job training guides and consulting with schools.  NAMTA and AMI-USA both provide excellent services to foster professional development after training.  However, I am unaware of any programs designed to increase Montessori awareness among the general public, or to increase Montessori in the political sector.

It is these political and social activism programs where I want to be involved.   I am searching for leadership from organizations, but I have not yet found the assertive leadership I seek.


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