New Year’s Resolution

A New Year brings an atmosphere for reflection and new opportunities.

As you consider the coming year, and how it might be better than the last, I invite you to include the Montessori Movement in your thoughts.

What can one do to advance the Montessori Movement in the United States and the World?

There are as many answers to that question as there are minds asking it, but if you will indulge me, here is my answer…

Question everything.  The Montessori Movement began with gusto and fervor more than a century ago, but it seems to me that Montessori isn’t making many headlines anymore.  If we want new results, we have to try new things, and asking questions can lead to new ideas.

Why is the Montessori movement fragmented into so many different organizations?

How can we use the Internet and modern technology more effectively?

How can school reforms such as charter schools and voucher programs open opportunities for Montessori education?

How can we work with teacher’s unions such as the NEA (National Education Association) and the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) to make mainstream public education more accommodating to Montessori education?

Please add your own questions to this post and we can explore new ideas together.


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