Exercise of Practical Life: Urinals

The Bureau of National Labor Statistics reports that in 2007, only 2.7% of preschool teachers were male (Source: Menteach.org).  This simple fact might lead to any number of articles about gender, feminism, masculinity, and equality. 
However, today I just wanted to mention urinals as an exercise of practical life for boys. 
Urinals are different from household toilets, and while a boy may gain all the experience he needs with household toilets at home, but there are very few public facilities that place urinals at a child’s height. 
Urinals are a valid exercise of practial life because these devices will be encountered throughout life as a boy and the experience is different from that of using a houshold toilet.  A urinal is also seen as a more adult activity, given that the public restrooms boys see generally have large urinals hung too high for their use. 
Some fathers hold their sons up to use urinals, and this is not inherently wrong, but how much more effective if the child can manage himself?
I’m not advocating that everyone rush out and install a urinal, but of you are remodeling a children’s house bathroom, or building a new facility, consider including a urinal for boys in the bathroom, such as this one.
This is a smaller (more child-sized) model, and like many new urinals, it is designed with waterfree technology, eliminating the need to flush the toilet (while containing any odors).  This will reduce the water costs of your school, and it is much easier to aim into a urinal, so cleanup will be made easier as well.
Just a thought from the 2.7%

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