Montessori Market Research Questions

If you’re a regular reader of Montessoried you know I have been exploring business disciplines to find effective strategies for advancing the Montessori movement.

Recently I have been conducting introductory research into Market Analysis, and each new term or idea leads to questions.  

Market Size  – The number of buyers and sellers in a particular market

  • How many school age children are in the country? (potential market)
  • How many of these children attend a school or daycare facility? (existing market)
Market Share  – Percentage of total sales volume in a market captured by a brandproduct, or firm.

  • How many of the children attending a school or daycare facility…
    • attend any Montessori school?
    • attend an AMS Montessori school?
    • attend an AMI Montessori school?

It is important to have a clear understanding of Montessori’s position in the market if we want to expand our movement.  Here is a graph of the computer operating system market share.

As much as we want Montessori to be the choice of 100% of the families in the market, we would happily settle for 80%.  But where are we now?  Are we, optimistically showing single digit numbers like Mac or Vista in this graph?  Or is Montessori capturing less than a percent of the market like Linux?  Until we know how much market we have, and how much our competitors have, we cannot understand how far we have to go and what strategies will be most effective.

Market Trends– how Market Size and Market Share change over time.

  • Are there more families choosing school and day care facilities than in the past?
  • Are more or fewer families choosing Montessori?
  • Are more or fewer families choosing AMI?
Answers to these questions are found through secondary and/or primary market research.

Secondary Market Research primarily utilizes existing research conducted through government census and other publications, market intelligence reports, trade association and trade press reports.  When I hone my research skills sufficiently to find these reports I will share the results here.

Primary Market Research is an expensive process using surveys, observation, interviews, and discussions to gather information on a market.  However, this type of research will eventually be necessary to gather specific information useful to the Montessori community.  The internet has made it more cost effective to engage in this type of research.

I hope these questions have left you as curious as myself.  

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