Results not typical

I often see commercials for rapid weight loss or get-rich-quick programs that showcase real success stories while the words “results not typical” are clearly printed across the screen.

When I read the article School built by mom and dad, (written by Lisa Bertagnoli for the Business of Life and published August 11, 2008 ) describing a multimillion dollar Montessori school in Chicago that opened only 2 years ago, my first thought was “results not typical”.

But what if these results could be typical?

Obviously the parents, Fosca and William White, were well funded…

“The couple invested nearly $500,000 of their own money into the school and established it as a for-profit entity, Montessori Academy of Chicago 1 LLC, to secure about $1.3 million in loans for the initial buildout and second-floor renovation. To obtain non-profit funding, they would have had to be established as a non-profit entity for five years.”

and well connected…

“Mr. White’s mother, Doris Sommer, is an executive with the American Montessori Society, one of two national associations of Montessori schools.”

And yet I am mesmerized by the hope that maybe there is a substantial market for privately-owned Montessori schools of quality.

Acknowledging that other schools would be unlikely to move their operation from a living room to a 24,000 square foot renovated warehouse in 2 years, and expecting other schools to require 10, or even 25, years to make a similar turnaround, it is an interesting approach to spreading and establishing Montessori schools.


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