Scientific Pedagogy

Scientific Pedagogy is the term Dr. Montessori first used to describe her method.

It is also to the title of a pet project for improving communication between the Montessori community and the Scientific community.

Please follow this link and click on Start Presentation to enjoy this slide show.

I would love to hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Scientific Pedagogy

  1. couple of questions for you:

    Although it is not part of the Montessori method, would you consider the brain based learning movement, as in the study of brain physiology and brain function, as part of the collaboration between science and learning? I guess this is a bit of a loaded question, but I’m still interested in your thoughts.

    I noticed that the database would allow one to search based on Montessori terminology, despite the author’s intention of writing about Montessori. What if the person doing the searching is not familiar with the terminology? What ideas do you have about how this database can help those of us who don’t know about Montessori to act as a resource to help us learn about it?

    Going off of this, is it possible for someone who does not have a background in Montessori (i.e. me) volunteer as a reviewer?

  2. Dr. Montessori was pioneering brain based learning 100 years ago through very different methods to those used in contemporary research (the subject of a future post,I hope). I believe that the Montessori methodis brain based learning, and that the “brain based learning” movement simply uses different research methodologies.

    A comprehensive glossary of Montessori terms could be compiled,and would be essential to help those unfamilair with Montessori. I think the gloassary would make it theoretically possible for those not trained in Montessori to volunteer as a reviewer.

    Thank you for your comments

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