Draft of AMI’s 2017 Goals

The 2007 Centenary celebrations marking 100 years sicne the opening of The first Children’s House also saw an Open Forum held April 12-14, 2007, in Amsterdam to discuss these five questions:

Q 1. If there were no boundaries or restrictions, where do we want the Montessori Movement to be in 10 years time? What are our aspirations and dreams? What will the Montessori Movement look like? What will its impact be?

Q 2. What are the challenges and obstacles facing the Montessori Movement?

Q 3. What is AMI’s role in leading the Montessori Movement?

Q 4. What capacity, services, capabilities and resources will we need to carry out our leadership role and achieve the goals we envisage.

Q 5. How can we maximize the contribution of the various stakeholders and what steps can we take to  harness the individual efforts of all those working for the Montessori Movement.

The discussions resulting in a draft of the 2017 Goals, what AMI hopes to accomplish in the next 10 years.

By 2017:
1. There will be 50,000 AMI members and Affiliated Societies in 50 countries.

2. There will be 30,000 authentic Montessori schools.

3. There will be 250 AMI trainers and training centres in 50 countries that ensure
standards of Montessori pedagogical integrity and train 3000 teachers a year.

4. The AMI diploma will be recognised and accredited both nationally and internationally.

5. Identify research needs and conduct research projects in order to refine our
pedagogical understanding and inform the research of others.

6. Establish operational resources to enable effective functioning of the Montessori

7. Develop an organisational capacity that fully supports the outreach activities.
8. Montessori is understood world-wide as a vital resource for human development.

 I am eagerly awaiting the final 2017 Goals and the unveiling of programs to address these concerns.


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