The architectural challenges of a children’s house are fascinating to me. 

Just consider the most basic requirement that the windows, countertops, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and stairs be scaled to a child’s size.  This requires a custom build or substantial remodeling.  And before you build from scratch or remodel there are the additional features we all hope to have in a children’s house, such as large windows, beauty, environmentally conscious and energy effecient design, at a reasonable cost.

I freely admit that I’m terrified to start my own school.  Mostly because for me, nothing produces knots my stomach while producing and cold sweat quite like real financial risk.  But if I was going to start a school, I think the houses available at are pretty interesting options to consider.  The homes are shipped preassembled or in ready to assemble peices.  However, these are not trailer homes and unless you’re a professional carpenter you won’t assemble it yourself.  These are brillant, award winning modern home designs incorporating eco-friendly and energy effecient design while offering the ability to customize to your needs.  My personal favorites include…

…the LV home series, which range from 1150-1450 square feet with the option to shift or remove some interior walls.  


and the Wee Houses from Alchemy Architecture.  The rectangular units come in several sizes and can be combined in various arrangements.  I think this two unit arrangement with an open deck between would be quite a nice work space

And the most unique option I found is not a prefab house, it is an icon of modern architecture.  Philip Johnson’s Glass House might remind us all of the 1915 San Francisco World’s Fair that featured a glass walled classroom.  How great would it be to have children’s house like this?

You can see more images of the glass house from TIME magazine.



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