Montessori in the News

Well, maybe it is Montessori in an editorial.

I subscribe to a Google Alert for the search term “Montessori”.  The result is that once a week a Google search of Montessori is automatically e-mailed to me.  I am often saddened by the lack of real news or discourse appearing in this periodic and cursory check of internet buzz.  I see more bake sale fund raiser notices than genuine dialogue about Montessori education.

However, I recently read this editorial from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel written by a Ph.D in Urban Education.  I was intrigued by the manner in which he chose to describe the Milwaukee Public School Montessori program to the general reader.  I often have difficulty focusing my comments about Montessori into brief, concise statements.  I am unsure what information is essential and what is extraneous, and this varies between conversations, with the result that I often say too much.  After reading this editorial I can see how the author has chosen to give specific advantages of the Montessori program without really explaining why these advantages exist.

Read for yourself… editorial



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